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  It's very hard to write your own resume because a resume is a macro view of your life, but you live your life at the micro level, obsessing about daily details that have no bearing on your resume. So I recommend to a lot of people that they hire someone to help them. After all, spending money on a resume writer is one of the few expenditures that will have good return right away.http://tr.hjenglish.com

  But some of you will be able to do a decent job rewriting your resume on your own. The first thing you'll have to do is make some mental shifts. You need to rethink the goals of a resume, and rethink the rules of a resume in order to approach the project like the best of the resume professionals.http://tr.hjenglish.com

  Here are three ideas that guide professional resume writers and should guide you as well:

  1. Don't focus on your responsibilities, focus on what you achieved.

  A resume is not your life story. No one cares. If your life story were so interesting, you'd have a book deal. The only things that should be on your resume are achievements. Anyone can do their job, but only a small percentage of the population can do their job well, wherever they go.

  The best way to show that you did your job well is from achievements. The best achievement is a promotion. It is an objective way to show that you impressed the people you work for. The next best way to show objective measures is to present quantified achievements.

  Most people do not think in terms of quantified achievements when they are in the job, but on the resume, that's the only part of the job that matters. No one can see that you were a “good team player” on your resume unless you can say “established a team to solve problem x and increased sales x%” or “joined under-performing team and helped that team beat production delivery dates by three weeks.”http://tr.hjenglish.com

  If you are only putting achievements on your resume, you are going to be hard-pressed to fill a whole page. That's okay. Anything on your resume that is not an achievement is wasting space. Because you don't know what a hiring manager will look at first—and if you have ten good achievements and three mediocre lines about your life story, the hiring manager may only read those three lines—so remove them.http://tr.hjenglish.com

  2. Don't make your resume a moral statement; it's a marketing document.

  Think about when a company announced the launch of their product. First of all, the product is not done. Second of all, it has bugs. And third, the company is probably showing photos of prototypes and the real thing will look different.http://tr.hjenglish.com

  All this stuff is fine. It's accepted practice for marketing. The company will tell you that they are doing their best to get you the information you want in the way they think is best for letting you know what your consumer options are.http://tr.hjenglish.com

  You need to take the same approach with your resume, because a resume is a marketing document. The best marketing documents show the product in the very best light, which means using whatever most outrageous tactics possible to make you look good. As long as you are not lying, you will be fine.

  Here's an example: You join a software company that just launched a product and the product had so many problems that they had to hire someone to handle the calls. You start doing the tech support, and you work tons of overtime because the calls are so backed up. You clean up the phone queue and then you start taking long lunches because there's not a lot to do, and then you start job hunting because the job is boring.http://tr.hjenglish.com

  Here's how you summarize this job on your resume: Assumed management responsibility for tech support and decreased call volume 20%.http://tr.hjenglish.com

  How do you know 20%? Who knows? It was probably more. But you can't quantify exactly, so err on the safe side. But if you just say “Did tech support for a software company” no one knows you did a good job.

  There is a fine art of almost-lying-but-not-lying on a resume. You need to talk about it a lot in order to know where you fall on the spectrum. Here is a sample of my own family discussions about what is lying and what isn't.http://tr.hjenglish.com

  3. Don't give everything away in the resume.

  The idea of a resume is to get someone to call you. Talk with you on the phone. Offer you an interview. So a resume is like a first date. You only show your best stuff and you don't show it all.

  Some people dump everything they can think of onto their resume, but a resume is not the only chance you'll have to sell yourself. In fact the interview is where the hard-core selling takes place. So you only put your very best achievements on the resume. Sure, there will be other questions people will want answers to, but that will make them call you. And that's good, right?

  For those of you who can't bear to take off the twenty extra lines on your resume because you think the interviewer has to see every single thing about you right away, consider that we have statistics to show that people don't want to know everything up front. It does not make for a good match. Of people who got married, only 3% had sex on the first date.

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