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2007-11-09 16:12

  Exercise Three (2000.5)

  1. This job involves protecting the confidentiality of computer systems.
  2. Financial assistance will be given if getting this job means you need to move house.
  3. The post involves increasing the importance of IT within the company.
  4. You may be given greater seniority soon after being appointed to this post.
  5. Experience of government computer contracts may help the applicant for this post.
  6. In this post you will be responsible for appointing and training some staff.
  7. The successful applicant's main task will be getting companies to sign up to new contracts for IT services.
  8. You will be in charge of the money allocated for I.T.


  We are a key player in one of the most rapidly growing industry sectors world-wide, the provision of outsourced computer network services, and can boast a growth record over the past ten years of 50% per annum. An opportunity exists for an exceptional and experienced individual to join the company to develop our existing customer base. You will be able to demonstrate a successful track record in senior management within the IT sector. We are looking for experience of selling large capital projects or service contracts and the ability to develop excellent customer relationships at all levels. Strong administration and organizational skills, with a keen eye for detail, are essential.


  Applications are invited from candidates aged 30-47 with at least 5 years' successful experience of developing company computer systems involving 100 plus terminals, ideally across several sites. The successful candidate will be responsible for the implementation of new computer on-line systems to major companies. The ability to develop, and in some cases to recruit, an effective team, and play a key role in the group's growth is important. It is expected that there will be the possibility of joining the Board in the near future.


  The successful applicant will have experience of a wide range of state and private sector industries, focused on, but not limited to, markets in manufacturing, engineering, retail and distribution. He or she will possess considerable experience of developing client relationships, project delivery and the implementation of large-scale IT systems across the UK and Europe. Quite exceptional presentation and communication skills required. Generous relocation package available.


  We are a global consulting organization with an outstanding reputation for the provision of audit, tax, and management consultancy services. In order to maintain our leadership position, we need to strengthen our team by appointing two specialists in IT and telecoms security. We are looking for someone with considerable understanding and practical experience of the security and control requirements for telecoms and networked systems. You will be a recognized expert readily acceptable to major organizations who employ the latest technology. In return, we offer you an opportunity to develop your skills by working at a variety of international locations.


  We are a market-leading retail financial services group which has achieved dominance in a number of products, and we have exciting plans for future growth, with a direct effect on our IT requirements. We now need to appoint someone who is capable of carrying out a thorough review of all our IT services and representing the needs of IT to the board. The task of the appointee will be to significantly raise the profile of IT and add real value to the business. Responsibilities will include managing and motivating the IT department, the project management of new technology, and managing the IT budget and relationships with suppliers. Financial services experience, whilst desirable, is not essential.

  小技巧:备选句中使用解释性的语言而相应的文章中出现技术性语言或“术语”。 反之亦然。 请指出重要词汇和表达中存在的“术语”。






  Confidentiality; seniority; provision; outsourced; track record; keen; plus; Board; engineering; distribution; relocation package; audit; recognized; dominance; appointee; profile.

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